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-The FCC voted to implement ‘988’ as the new number for the national sucide hotline. 988 will link people right to emergency mental health help. A comment period comes next, which could take months before the FCC moves to a final vote, then an estimated 18 months to implement the plan. 

-A Wisconsin DMV worker told a 78-year-old woman she had to walk across the room without her cane before she could renew her license. Her husband objected and asked the examiner how walking without her cane related to his wife’s license renewal. The examiner insisted, so the woman complied, and in the process fell, broke her wrist and was denied renewal.  Now a civil rights lawsuit, and the question has been posed: was this illegal discrimination or careful screening of a potentially dangerous driver. According to the suit, if a DMV worker thinks an applicant needs to be seen by a medical professional, he or she is supposed to issue a 60-day temporary license.

-A Canadian Starbucks worker quit his job after three and a half years with a song written for his boss.  It was a profanity-laden cafe performance that was caught on video. Anesti Danelis quit while playing his guitar for Starbucks customers, who watched in laughter as he sang about his hate for his boss, who was not there at the time. (NSFW Swearing)

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