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***SPOILER ALERT****: Stop reading if you are questioning the existence of Santa Clause. I personally do not want to warp any of your preconceived notions.

A report from Exam Paper Plus found that 1.1 million children find out the truth about Santa Clause from the internet! That’s actually heartbreaking. If you google, “Is Santa real?” the first article that pops is “What to say when your child asks ‘is Santa real'” from Quarts. The first sentence that is visible from the search page reads “as adults we know Santa Claus isn’t real…” WOAH! Can we get a little bit of censorship or something there please?

Christmas Friends

Source: RichVintage / Getty

Stephen Kenwright, Technical Search Engine Optimization director at Rise at Seven, told Daily Mail that “Google is ranking this article on Quartz as the no.1 result based on the authority of the domain and reliability of the content. Google’s algorithms choose the answer which bests answers the question searched, taking safety into consideration all whilst being factually accurate.” So I guess, Google is just designed to ruin these childhoods.

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