There is a “thrift store” in Alabama that sells unclaimed baggage. It’s appropriately called the “Unclaimed Baggage Center” and it’s one of Alabama’s biggest tourist attractions. According to their site, lost bags arrive by the tractor-trailer load and are then sorted and priced and prepared to be sold at the 40,000-square-foot store. Here’s some of the incredible finds! Honestly, how do people leave some of this stuff behind??? I would spend the rest of my life tracking down a Versace gown straight off the runway!

Mixed race businesswoman walking in airport

Source: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / Getty

  • Moose Antlers
  • A giant tortoise shell
  • A Versace gown, straight off the runway
  • A Las Vegas show girl costume
  • Or, if that doesn’t suit, try a full suit of armor (19th century replica)
  • A 40.95-carat natural emerald
  • A Platinum Rolex valued at over $60,000
  • A camera from a space shuttle (we gave it back to NASA)
  • A missle guidance system for a fighter jet, with a plaque reading “Handle with extreme caution. I am worth my weight in gold.” (promptly returned to the Air Force)
  • Someone’s Ashes
  • A shrunken head
  • An ancient Egyptian burial mask and mummified hawk dating back about 4000 years!
  • Money has been found in the hem of pants, inside socks, and the shoulder of a jacket
  • A painting tagged at $60 that proved to be worth $25,000

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