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Ok, so here’s the deal. When it comes to wine you should drink what you like and the price point you’re comfortable with. I’m a huge wine-o and hopefully getting my Sommelier– or more commonly known as a Somm. I’m somewhat like the guys on the Netflix Documentary “SOMM.” But those guys are Masters–like playing at the professional level in a sport–where I’m more of an enthusiast. I really enjoy the history, making, and of course drinking of wine! Getting a Somm Certification is just a fun goal I’d like to achieve.

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With all that being said, below are a few things we’re having for Thanksgiving and I was asked to pair it with wine. Hopefully, this will help get some kudos with the Family and Friends!

Please, feel free to reach to me anytime if you have further questions about pairings or just wine in general @DustinKross on Instagram.

  • Caprise salad – Brut Rosé Dry from provance, FR – the light flavor of the wine will let the ingredients of the Caprise really come through
  • Cranberry meatballs – gamay from mogron Beaujolais, FR – These wines always have a cranberry note to them which will be great for these meatballs. (also great with Turkey Dinner)
  • Wrapped/stuffed figs – Chianti heavy on Sangiovese, IT The figs are going to big sugar bombs so a straight earthy old world wine like Sangiovese from Chianti is perfect.
  • Lamb/chicken Koftas/hummus – Pinot Noir from Burgundy, FR This is a Middle Eastern app. Since it’s a mixture of Lamb and Chicken I wanted to old world* lighter and earthy.
  • Turkey Dinner all the fixin’s – Pinot Noir from Willamette, Oregon Another Pinot Noir but this one is new world*. More fruit forward and a bit tart. will go great with smoked Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, sweet potatoes etc.
  • Ham – Chenin Blanc from Loire Valley, FR I’m cooking Ham Butt with Honey and Pineapple so Having a white slightly sweeter win will pair with the sweetness and help cut through the Meatier/fattier ham portion. 

*Old world Wines are wines from France, Spain and Italy.

*New World wines are all other winesThese wines are made very different. Most new world wines are made to drink now but could hang for a few years. Old world wines are made to sit and develop for a few years. Up to 50+ years.

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Check out the SOMM Documentary Trailer from Forgotten Man Films on Vimeo.

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