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I’ve been watching The Masked Singer religiously every week, trying to unmask every contestant. I’ve even done my own research on a few. Only 7 contestants remain. I present you with my predictions for each:

Flamingo – Trust me, I’ve seen the Cheetah Girls 50+ times. And those vocals are so cheetahlicious. This has to be Adriene Bilon!

Leopard – The elegance, height, and being no stranger to the spotlight are the clues that leave me to think Rupal is the Leopard.

Rottweiler – Chris Daughtry… I just listened to 3 Chris Daughtry songs to compare voices and confirm this.

Mr. Fox – I really want to guess Jamie Foxx based on the clues… but Foxx as the Fox? Is that too easy?

Tree – I’m going with Rachel Ray on this one. Cooking and Christmas have been big clues associated with the tree. Plus Rachel has more of a deep, little bit of raspy voice similar to Tree’s.

Thingamajig – Let me say it one more time for the people in the back. Thingamjig is our very own Pacers guard, Victor Oladipo!! I’ve laid out all the evidence before here.

Butterfly – Butterfly was once part of a girl band that broke up, she’s referenced London as home, and mentions religion some in her clues. Michelle Williams has recorded gospel music, lived in London, and hellloooo Destiny’s Child!

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