Let’s be real, there are some pretty terrible baby names out there. I try not to judge but sometimes when I’m scrolling through Facebook and see one of my friends is having a baby and I see their chosen name I literally stop and say “WTF.” Parents.com has rounded up and ranked the worst baby names of the year! If you are an expecting parent, try to lay off these names if you love your child.

Worst Boy Names of 2019

  1. Kingmessiah — I do like the name King but the messiah part is a little too much
  2. Yugo — cute for a dog maybe
  3. Cub — again cute for a dog
  4. Axis — just go with Axle
  5. Manson — as in Charles Manson?
  6. Pinches — I don’t get it
  7. Xxayvier — this is actually a cute one
  8. Cletus — this sounds kinda dirty
  9. Danger — “stay away from Danger” I can hear it on the playground now
  10. Stylez — pass but I do like the Z on the end
Game of Thrones s8e6

Source: Helen Sloan/HBO / HBO

Worst Girl Names of 2019

  1. Shy — well we do have Chi as in Chicago West…
  2. Mattel — just go with Barbie
  3. Cyncere — they’ll be sending their emails like “sincerely, Cyncere”
  4. Chardonnay — mmm my favorite white wine
  5. Khalessi — awkward considering how GOT ended
  6. Starlett — it’s pretty but kinda pornstar-ish
  7. Blaykelee — this is honestly hard to even say
  8. Any — so are we just choosing random three letter words now
  9. Vegas — was Vegas conceived in Vegas bc that’s my guess
  10. Pansy – why would you ever

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