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Everyone who has ever went treasure hunting at a thrift store only hopes they find something unique, and valuable.  One Billie Eilish fan, ended up finding a jacket that spoke to them.  After making the purchase, the fan noticed there was a note inside the pocket.  It read, “Stay warm, Billie -Love, Donnie.”

The note also included Donnie’s Instagram handle, and after looking up his account, the fan noticed the jacket was actually gifted to Billie.  How WILD!

Donnie, who gifted the jacket to Billie ended up seeing the tweet and was really disappointed she didn’t keep it.

Here’s the original post from Donnie when he met Billie and gave her the jacket.

Some fans are bashing Billie for giving away a fan gift, while others are defending her.  Oh, no…looks like we’ve got #Jacketgate on our hands!

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