Ah good ‘ole Mercury retrograde. At least that’s my only explanation for all this weirdness, that or we are in a real life Black Mirror episode. A lot of people are reporting they have received random text messages overnight that were originally sent on, Valentines Day.

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So yeah, this allows for a lot of awkward, funny, and even a little bit of sadness as people woke up this morning to see a lovey-dovey Valentines Day text from perhaps a now ex.

According to the Verge, “these people never received the text messages in the first place; the people who sent the messages had no idea that they had never been received, and they did nothing to attempt to resend them overnight.” All major carriers in the US have been effected mostly involving T-Mobile or Spring customers. A spokesperson from T-Mobile says a 3rd party vendor is to blame along with a “maintenance update”.

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Whatever, this is Mercury in retrograde at its finest.

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