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Some people are really still convinced that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s relationship is a big PR stunt.  I don’t know, I think they really are dating.  I mean, some fans of the couple have noticed they seem to be wearing matching “bond bracelets.” (I didn’t even know these things existed) Apparently when you touch the bracelet, it let’s the other person know you’re thinking of them.  That’s pretty adorable.  Would a couple who isn’t really dating do this?!  I think NOT!

The brand of bracelets are Bond Touch.  They just confirmed that Camila does appear to be wearing their bracelet.  These things are about to be the most popular Christmas gift this year.

Apparently this isn’t the first time they’ve worn matching bracelets…here’s some more investigative Shamila stan work:

Here’s some fan reaction tweets to their Bond Touch bracelets:

But is their relationship on the rocks?  According to a Cosmopolitan article, there’s “proof” the couple broke up.  Of course, Camila had to roast the headline on her Instagram story.  Here’s a screenshot of what she posted:

Looks like all is good with the happy couple.

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