While not knowing what’s going to happen next in a movie will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat, on the contrary, knowing what will happen next doesn’t ruin your experience like most assume. According to science, spoilers can actually enhance it! As an audience we can be so absorbed by the tension that it actually subtracts from some of the enjoyment of the book/movie/show. Professor of psychology, Nicholas Christenfeld, conducted an experiment proving that when viewers/readers have more information about the stories they are consuming, predictability can make the make the experience more satisfying than not knowing anything at all.

Young people in 3D movie theater

Source: Izabela Habur / Getty

In Christenfeld’s study, one group read a story and rated how much they liked it at the end. Another group read the same story but were told spoilers at the beginning. And spoiler alert: the second group enjoyed the story more!

In a report from The University of California, Christenfeld said, “The point is, really we’re not watching these things for the ending.” Makes sense. I still watch Titanic once every couple of weeks knowing the ship will definitely sink but I still enjoy every second.

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