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Former Bachelorette contestant, Mike Johnson, did something that people are kind of pissed at.

Mike Johnson, yes the guy who went on a handful of dates with Demi Lovato, was on the Strahan, Sara & Keke portion of GMA yesterday when he asked out Keke Palmer LIVE ON AIR! Keke handled it like a pro, well as well as she could, but you could tell she was totally caught off guard & felt uncomfortable. She finally just blurted out “IM AT WORK GUYS” and quickly tried to move on. You can watch it below:

People are pissed because they think it was super inappropriate for him to while she was literally in the middle of her job.

MY OPINION & THOUGHTS??? This guy has GOT.TO.GO. Not only was it so inappropriate for hi, to do while home girl is just trying to get through a day of work BUT Mike Johnson is coming off so thirsty for fame and just desperate to be a celebrity. He claims that he doesn’t like to “date public” which does not make any sense at all.

1. He literally went on a reality television show where you date in front of the entire country

2. He went on an all out media tour after his like 3 dates with Demi Lovato sharing very intimate moments

3. He asked out a TV Host on live television!!!!!

THANK U NEXT @MikeJohnson !

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