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Okay, soooo what’s the deal here, Harry?!  Former 1D member, Harry Styles, recently tweeted out one two letter word and the twitter world LOST it.  But now, I’m thinking everyone who was like “OMG, HS2 IS COMING” might actually be onto something.



I now submit a piece of evidence for further review.  THIS is plastered on the side of a building…


As a #Swiftie, I find it necessary to dissect every action from every artist…

  1. This phrase starts off with “DO,” just like his cryptic tweet.
  2. Notice the little “TPWK” at the bottom?  He has “Treat People With Kindness” merch, and it’s his little mantra.

So, obviously this has something to do with some new music from Harry.  Can’t wait for more clues!  Maybe I’m going overboard here, but is it a coincidence that all the 1D boys have music out/ music coming out right now?