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Everyone always talks about how difficult long-distance relationships are but long distance friendships just hit different. I’ve been in one with my best friend for three years now! If you have a long-distance friendship then you’ll be able to relate to these 10 things:

  1. Facetime Dates All The Time – FT especially comes in handy when trying on clothes at the mall or when you need help getting ready for a night out.
  2. Going Days/Weeks Without Talking but That Doesn’t Change a Thing – You’re both living your own busy lives so it’s understandable not talk all the time yet you still know your bff is only a call away and will always answer!
  3. Weekend Getaways – Whenever you need to leave your city for the weekend, you can always visit your best friends’.
  4. You’re Well Aware of Time Zones – And you’re pretty aware of their daily schedule and when their lunch break is.
  5. The Moment You Reunite is The Best Feeling – Kind of like those emotional homecoming videos on YouTube.
  6. When Someone Says“Bring your friends” and You’re Just Like Uhhhh – “Actually they’re in a whole another city so… it’s just going to be me.”
  7. 2 opportunities to go to Concerts – In case you missed the one in your city, you guys can always go to the one in theirs! Or both.
  8. Making Mental Notes of Spots to Take Your BFF When They Come to Town – The only thing missing from the cutest brunch spot is your bff.
  9. Hitting Them up One Million Times on Their Birthday – And posting to social all day long because you have to overcompensate for not physically being there.
  10. You Know You’re Both Exactly Where Each Other Needs to be – Your biggest cheerleader is miles away but your bond has only become stronger because of it!