Niall Horan @ Ruoff (Indy)

Source: Brayden Bridgeman / Radio One Indy

Niall Horan is BACK!  He just premiered his new song “Nice To Meet Ya,” accompanied by a music video.  I cannot stop listening to it on repeat, it is my JAM!

So what’s next for Niall?  An album, more singles?  Watch very closely, it appears he has hidden some Easter eggs in his video.

As a fellow Swiftie, I was internally screaming “Easter egg!” when I saw these.

If you call the numbers, you can hear some special messages from Niall, and even hear a preview of his next single.

But for real, is this some kind of hint that there could be a 1D reunion on the horizons?


Niall celebrated the release with a few friends…but wait, WHY IS SELENA GOMEZ RIGHT BESIDE YOU?!


Interesting that she posted about NTMY to her story…are you guys making music together?  Are you an item?  Whatever it is, I think we all ship it.

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