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I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes carry purses that are bigger than necessary when I go to the movies, just so I can sneak in a few snacks.  Well there are times when I don’t have any snacks to sneak in, so I end up buying them at the theater.  Candy is my weakness, especially chocolate!  My go-to movie snack is cookie dough bites, of course!  SO GOOD!


I was shocked when I saw a map of most popular movie theater candy in each state.  Indiana, what are we doing?!  Milk Duds?! Between this map, and the map of the most popular Halloween Candy in each state, I’m starting to think Indiana has a bit of boring taste for candy.  Would you agree?  Check out the map below!


I feel like there may be some issues with this map.  Wisconsin’s favorite is Kraft cheese slices, and North Dakota is eating baked beans…not Boston baked beans, but regular degular baked beans?!  Maybe Indiana doesn’t like Milk Duds THAT much after all?