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-A Homeless Woman Stuns With Beautiful Voice At A Metro Station. The video was shared by the Los Angeles Police Department after an officer filmed the unidentified woman gracefully singing at a metro station in L.A.

-The country Estonia in Eastern Europe is trying to curb speeding by testing a new program where people who get caught have to sit on the side of the road in a time out. They’re hoping it’ll be more effective at stopping speeding than tickets and really make the drivers think about what they’ve done. Depending on how fast you’re going, you’ll either have to sit by the side of the road for 45 minutes or an hour to think about what you’ve done.

-46% of people say they wish smartphones had never been invented because of how they’ve affected us, according to a new survey. And one of the main ways they’ve ruined us is they’ve made it much harder to relax.

-NFL: Panthers 16 Texans 10 | Raiders 31 Colts 24

-Today Is National Ask a Stupid Question Day


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