-A 5-year-old girl in Illinois was almost attacked by a coyote in her front yard, and the incident was caught on camera. The surveillance video from the family’s home shows the little girl playing in the driveway. As she skips past cars parked in front of the house, a coyote runs down the street. At first the child doesn’t appear to see the coyote but then it makes a beeline for her. The girl turns and runs, but the coyote follows her, appearing to brush up against her before it runs away. She then runs to the porch before going inside.

-A 62-year-old man ended up unconscious after a bike crash earlier this month in Spokane, Washington and his Apple Watch called 911 for him. The man flew off his bike as he approached a curve at the bottom of a hill, and the hit was so hard his watch detected it. The fall-detection feature alerts emergency medical services if the wearer is immobile for a full minute after the fall. By the time the man came to, he was in an ambulance. The feature also sent a text alerting the man’s son, whom he was on his way to meet at the time and whom he had listed as an emergency contact, that it had detected a hard fall. It later alerted both him and his brother to their dad’s updated location when he arrived at a nearby medical center. The man suffered a concussion, road rash, dislocated his shoulder and ribs, and need stitches above his eye. He was released from the hospital the night after the crash and was already back to cycling after buying a new helmet.

-A Tesla electric cop car ran out of battery power during a police chase. The suspect was wanted for an unknown crime and sped off. During the chase, the officer realized he only had six miles of battery left and had to call for backup. The chase was eventually called off because it became too dangerous to continue. Officers later found the suspect’s abandoned vehicle but it isn’t known if the man was arrested. The police department didn’t know why the cruiser wasn’t fully charged during the pursuit. 

IHOP International Pancake Day

Source: Radio One Staff / Radio One Houston

-It’s National Pancake Day 


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