-Charleston, South Carolina police reunited an 11-year-old boy with his family after he drove 200 miles, alone. The boy was pulled over alone in the car and told the cop that he had driven for 3 hours and was lost. The boy took his brother’s car and drove to Charleston to live with an unknown male he met on Snapchat. His dad’s tablet lost the GPS signal that was directing him to the Charleston address and the boy was unable to recover the address because Snapchat messages disappear or are deleted after they are read. When the cop called the boy’s dad, the dad was in the process of reporting his son missing. The dad and the boy’s older brother drove to Charleston and picked him up. The dad’s table was placed in evidence by the Charleston Police for analysis.

-A reporter was kissed by a stranger during a live broadcast outside of Bourbon & Beyond music festival in Louisville. WAVE 3 News reporter Sara Rivest shared a video on Twitter that included her on-air encounter with the man writing “Hey mister, here’s your 3 seconds of fame. How about you not touch me? Thanks!!” She later said about the incident, “It was an exertion of power over me, a woman trying to do her job who couldn’t stop him. This embarrassed me, and it made me feel uncomfortable and powerless.” 

-If you need a costume idea for Halloween, you could go as your favorite hard seltzer.  An Etsy shop created a White Claw Halloween costume dress, which comes in five different flavors. The Claw Costume is on back order at the moment, but you can get on the list.

-This Guy Does Amazing Animal Voices 

The Best of New York Comic Con in Photos: Day 4

Source: Bernard Smalls (@PhotosByBeanz) / iOne Digital

-Today is National Comic Book Day 


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