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What is even going on here?! It’s been evident to the public for years that Aaron and Nick Carter have a far from perfect relationship. But things have escalated to new heights this week after Nick revealed that he and his sister obtained a restraining order against Aaron after reports of him harboring thoughts of killing Nick’s pregnant wife.

Aaron responded with a twitter rant confirming the restraining order and confirming that he is at ends with the relationship with his brother.

This all comes just a week after Aaron opened up about his mental health issues on The Doctors, during which he revealed he suffers from multiple personality disorder, anxiety, and is schizophrenic.

Aaron has been VERY active on Twitter engaging with fans and haters, defending his side while also making some serious claims about his brother being a serial rapist and abuser.

And things just keep getting messier.

Aaron has now accused his late sister, Leslie, of rape and sexual abuse.

It was also reported by Fox News, that the L.A. County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Aaron surrendered his two firearms to their officers on Wednesday. However, Aaron told TMZ that he still has his pistol and shotgun for protection.

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