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Hurricane Dorian is expected to grow larger and more powerful over the next three to four days as it barrels towards the U.S. It will most likely reach the Florida coast on Monday or Tuesday as a potentially devastating category 4 hurricane. A hurricane specialist said: ”Unfortunately, I don’t see any large-scale factors that would prevent Dorian from becoming an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane during the next few days.”

A Houston mom is warning other parents after a driver blew past her 5 year old daughter’s stopped school bus, nearly hitting the child. 

A guy in a kayak says an alligator started swimming after him. The 10-feet long, 360 pound gator and the Georgia man were in a pond, together.The man was practicing for a bass fishing tournament when he spotted the gator getting closer. In that moment, all that came to his mind was paddle. He “just paddled and paddled, it came within 5 feet” of the back of his kayak “like up on a plane surging”.  He paddled until he got to his truck.

New Hampshire’s governor has stepped in to help a woman keep a 15 year old vanity license plate that reads “PB4WEGO.” The woman made national news after the DMV wanted her to surrender the plates. They said phrases like that aren’t permitted. The Governor reached out to the DMV and “strongly urged them” to allow the woman to keep the plate.  

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