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A custody dispute between estranged spouses has led to what might be the first allegation of a crime in outer space. Astronaut Anne McClain is accused of improperly accessing the bank accounts of her estranged spouse while she was aboard the International Space Station. Apparently, the bank records prove it. Her estranged spouse is accusing her of identity theft. McClain is not accused of taking or even moving any money. She maintains that she was simply doing what she had always done while the couple was together: keeping an eye on finances out of concern for the boy they’d been raising together. Now that they’re splitting, McClain is fighting for shared parenting rights.

A person in Illinois is dead after contracting a severe respiratory illness from vaping. The state’s Department of Public Health revealed that the resident died after being hospitalized for severe respiratory illness. The agency also said the number of reported cases in the state involving people who have used e-cigarettes or vaped and were later hospitalized with respiratory issues has doubled in the past week

A woman in Kansas City, Missouri thought she had water in her left ear. When it wouldn’t go away, she went to see a doctor. The first person in the exam room was an assistant. ”She ran out and said I’m going to get a couple more people.I think you have an insect in there.’” They came back in and told her it was a venomous brown recluse spider.

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