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I know this is going to sound weird, but Heidi Pratt actually said something that I found touching.

In the latest episode of “The Hills” reboot on MTV, the reality start opened up about her past with plastic surgery. If you don’t remember, Heidi Pratt famously went under the knife for 10 total plastic surgery operations. Those included a boob job, nose job, jaw shaving, and honestly I stopped paying attention after that. She says that where she was in life wasn’t healthy and she had become so insecure and self-unconscious about herself.

I mean I know I can relate to that. I think almost everyone can in this day of social media and Instagram. Our lives are consumed of just looking at photos of other people and celebrities. Naturally, people are going to start to compare themselves to those models & photo-shopped photos that they’re constantly looking at on Instagram. I believe that plastic surgery is a band-aid for what’s actually going on. Getting surgery to fix your nose isn’t going to make you feel more confident because you aren’t truly happy with yourself. What ever is causing you to be so self-conscious inside and with your inner-self isn’t just going to go away because you have a new nose. It’s something deeper, and that should be the problem you’re trying to fix.

I’d love to get to a place where our society can put the focus we have on superficial things & the exterior and change it to focusing on our inner selves. We should be putting all of that energy we have towards insecurities & comparing ourselves to trying to get to the next level at our jobs, trying to better our relationships, and trying to just be better.

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