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There’s a new ice cream challenge and we’re pissed about it.

Apparently, the latest and greatest challenge is the “Lick Ice Cream Challenge.” What does it entail you ask? Well it’s where people go into stores, get ice cream out of the freezer, lick it, THEN PUT IT BACK! Obviously, this all started because of the “Blue Bell Licker” who went viral for doing it and almost got put in jail for 20 years!

So, of course, the people of our society see that she went viral for it so then everyone starts to do it. I MEAN C’MON PEOPLE! Let me eat my ice cream in some freaking PEACE. Now every time I go to binge out on some sweets I have to be worried that I’m getting disease ridden ice cream from some snot-nosed teen licking the top of it.

you can listen to the segment below:

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