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Social media has been having a field day with Lil Nas X’s recent tweets (that seem to indirectly address his sexuality). Majority of his fan base and music listeners have been in support of his bold move. However, there are some parents who are planning to shield their children from listening to him anymore. I call BS! You are teaching your kids to be prejudiced. They are going to outlive you and go forward in this world with hate in their hearts for their brothers and sisters. You should use this as a teaching experience. Teach them to love and support others no matter what race they are, religion they practice or what their sexual preference is.

Sidenote: Your child is not going to be gay just because they see someone who is. I grew up with heterosexual parents and a family of various religious backgrounds; Catholicism, Islam & Christianity. Although I was around people who believed that men were only supposed to be intimate with women, I didn’t turn out straight! Homosexuality was not something that was learned behavior for me; it was just a feeling that I’ve always had; even at a young age. It wasn’t until I was a pre-teen that I knew that there were other people in this world like me.

And to my people of color: CUT IT OUT! You out of anybody should know how it feels to be discriminated against. Even if you don’t understand the LGBTQ+ lifestyle, accept Lil Nas X’s decision to live his life freely. So often we claim we want people to be themselves, and then the second that they show us…. we shun them. It cannot continue to go down like that. Have an open mind and practice showing respect. This young man’s music has crossed barriers, broke records and brought people of all walks of life together. We should be celebrating that!

Protect LIL NAS X at ALL Costs!

I love what you stand for, man.

Keep shining!


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