Kim Kardashian is receiving a ton of backlash after she announced her ‘bodyshape’ clothing line named Kimono. Kimono’s have been a tradition in Japanese culture for centuries and Kim’s literally has nothing to do with an actual Kimono.

When she first announced this…I was SO confused. Like how does your line of spanx have anything to do with Kimono’s? More confusing that there’s not even like a play on words here. It just never made any sense. Well people were PISSED about the name, and the Mayor of Kyoto. Japan even wrote an ‘open letter’ to Kim asking her to reconsider her name.

Kim posted yesterday on Twitter that she got the messages she was receiving about the brand name LOUD & CLEAR. She said that she will be changing the brand name (TBD to what) and that she appreciates hearing everyone’s comments and perspectives.

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