Chicago police are saying Jussie Smollett Googled himself more than 50-times in the days following the alleged attack in January.  On January 29th, cops opened a hate crime investigation after the “Empire” actor said he was attacked near his apartment. Cops later determined he staged the attack and this week are releasing info about the case including  a video they released. Cops also revealed that a review of his computer search records showed that Smollett Googled himself 57-times after the attack.

FIFTY SEVEN TIMES!!! I mean dude. Chill. Obviously he was searching himself because that’s what he wanted. He staged the attack so people would talk about him and it would be front page news so he could get more money from Empire, the show he was currently on. So obviously he was searching to see just how many headlines he was grabbing. I mean he could not have TRIED to be more obvious that this thing was staged.

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