By now you’ve surely heard about or watched the video from an undercover investigation of one of the biggest dairy farms right here in Indiana, Fair Oaks Farms.  This has not only been the talk of Indiana, but it has gotten lots of attention from animal rights activists across the country, including 17-year-old pop star, Billie Eilish.

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Billie took to Instagram to share her thoughts after watching the video from the undercover investigation, urging her fans to go vegan.  She posted the following statement to her Instagram story.

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Owner and Founder of Fair Oaks Farms, Dr. Mike McCloskey says the three employees shown in the video abusing calves have been terminated.  He posted a video response to the undercover investigation on YouTube that has gained over 274,000 views.  McCloskey stated “Watching this video broke my heart, and created a sadness that I’ll have to endure the rest of my life.”  Fair Oaks says they are working to correct the issue and they are making sure all employees have the proper animal welfare training.



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