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Katy Perry has been involved in a legal battle with Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary for years! It’s actually been pretty dramatic and sounds like it could be a Lifetime movie drama. In 2014, Katy Perry made a million dollar offer to purchase the estate of what used to be a former convent of the church in Los Angeles.

Which is super gorgeous by the way! Check out these pictures!

While the Archdiocese of Los Angeles supported Perry’s purchase, the few nuns still living there didn’t and refused to sell to her.

Two of the nuns, Holzman and Callanan, told Billboard in 2015 that “Katy Perry represents everything we don’t believe in. It would be a sin to sell to her.”

The sisters quickly sold the estate to somebody else, a restaurateur and developer, Dana Hollister!

Both the Archdiocese and Katy sued and won in 2017 but still needed approval from the Vatican.

Many court sessions later,Hollister ended up declaring bankruptcy. Sisters Holzman and Callanan both accompanied Hollister to bankruptcy court to show their support.