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O….M….G. When I watched this I honestly thought this was fake or from an ancient time years years ago, but no, this is real life & recent.

June Ambrose was interviewing people as they walked the red carpet at the 2019 CFDA awards, ya know, how she does as a costume designer. Hannah Bronfman, an entrepreneur, walked up to June Ambrose and that’s where the train wreck occurred. Ambrose asked Bronfman who she was wearing, and Bronfman said she was wearing Kate Spade. All normal so far, but then….

Ambrose replies, “Are you here with Kate? Is she here?”………..if you don’t know why this is awkward, it’s because Kate Spade passed away a year ago by suicide. It was basically the biggest news in the WORLD, and ESPECIALLY the Fashion World/Industry. Ambrose continued asking if Spade had passed by her… like totally unaware of the tragedy that shocked the world last year.

Shout out to Hannah Bronfman though because although she was blatantly rattled, she continued like a champ and just replied saying the whole Kate Spade team was in attendance. Even though Bronfman didn’t shame her, the rest of the world certainly is, especially on Twitter.

you can watch this cringe-worthy moment here



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