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I was working at my second job where I work in a gym’s daycare. It was towards the end of my shift and there was just one kid left. He was running around and randomly just saying racial slurs. They weren’t cuss words, but things that are definitely NOT nice about other races, and I was UNCOMFORTABLE. 

In that situation I told him that we don’t say those things in the daycare, and those are NOT nice things to say. I also tried to ask to see where he heard the things he was saying. But I always get nervous yelling at the kids in the daycare because let’s face it, I only see them an hour a week and I’m not someone their parents CHOOSE to watch their kids, I just happen to be the only person there to do it while they hit the elliptical real quick. So parents will sometimes get pissed when you yell at their kids or try to teach them what is right and what is wrong.

Do you think I reacted okay, or was it not my place to say anything?

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