WHOSE MAN?! Someone needs to get ahold of Drake. The NBA Finals started last night with the Toronto Raptors vs. the Golden State Warriors, and Drake officially has NO CHILL.

Drake, obviously from Canada, is a HUGE Raptors fan…(along with a fan of any team that has won a championship within the past 10 years). He has been on the sidelines all season long cheering on his favorite NBA team, and as the playoffs have continued on he has continued to get worse on the sidelines. He has been pacing back in fourth, going past the line that fans & coaches are allowed to go past, he has been rubbing the coaches shoulders DURING THE GAME, he has been handing off his alcoholic drinks to players, I mean this man is OUT OF CONTROL.

Yesterday, in the first game of the NBA Finals it got worse. At one point he got in Draymond Green’s face calling him “trash”. Dude, Drake, Draymond could beat your ASS. Then, he went up to Steph Curry talking trash and taking a piece of “lint” off his hair and started saying that he was going to sell it on Ebay (people still use ebay?).

It’s Drake’s NBA Finals, and we’re just living in it. I will say one thing that I did absolutely love & was total petty goals was the fact that he wore Steph Curry’s dad’s old Raptors jersey from when his dad played in Toronto in the NBA. I can appreciate the shade.


You can watch him talking trash to Draymond Green below

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