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Aliens are real and if you don’t agree just ask the U.S. Navy. The New York Times reported that for almost a year U.S. Navy pilots have been reporting UFO sightings over the east coast. These UFOs are described as “objects having no visible engines or exhaust pipes yet were flying 30,000 feet in the air and moving at hyper-sonic speeds.” Even more unsettling is that according to reports, these UFOs appeared almost daily and would be in the sky all day long. The Department of Defense has yet to say that these sightings are extraterrestrial but let’s not forget that these reports were coming from the U.S. Navy! Let also be real, the public is always the last to know about this kind of stuff.

You can check out The New York Times original report for yourself, but I think I need to start getting in shape because there is no way I’m surviving an alien invasion at this rate.

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