A Louisiana man’s pickup truck was struck by lightning while driving down a highway. The driver was going to work in Monroe on U.S. Highway 165 when the vehicle was struck.  It caught on fire, but the driver was able to pull over near the Sonic Drive-In. Police said the man was not hurt, but the truck was a total loss.


FOLLOW UP: A financial services company in New Zealand switched to a four-day work week back in November and it was a HUGE success. Their workers were 20% more productive, so there was no drop in the amount of work getting done but stress was down and work-life balance was up.

Police arrested three men in Pennsylvania after finding heroin and drugs inside a home. What they didn’t expect to find was a three-foot alligator protecting the drugs! Officers seized the gator and nicknamed him “El Chompo” in honor of Mexican drug lord “El Chapo.”


-Today is National Love Your Pet Day: I love you Benny and Paddington!


Man auto tunes his cat meow


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