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This is either the funniest, or most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.  Check it out:

(Via TheFrisky)

I have to confess, now that the Lady Gaga sex doll has arrived, I did not see this one coming. I am intimately familiar with the celebrity sex doll phenomenon. Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan—they’ve all got their own love dolls already. But Lady Gaga? And naming it Lady Gag Gag is pretty—well, it’s pretty something, isn’t it? Ingenious? Perhaps. It seems she wants to “Take A Ride On Your Disco Stick!” Or, better yet, “She Loves It When You Poke-Her Face!” Who gets this job, writing copy for sex doll boxes?

I’m assuming this would be the BACK of the box…no pun intended.

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