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A married couple left a $1,000 tip for a single mother working as a bartender at a hotel in Brown County, Indiana. Anna Hofstetter struck up a conversation with the couple staying at the hotel while celebrating their wedding anniversary. She told them she’s a single mom and works three jobs to support her two kids. She said they ordered Long Island Iced Teas, a crab artichoke appetizer and the dinner special. Their check came out to $32.40. When she picked up the receipt, she saw they wrote $1,000 in the tip column. There was also a message saying, “give something for kids.” While deciding what to do with the money, she bumped into the president of the Brown County Enrichment for Teens Association. Anna realized she could use the money to do something not just for her own family, but for other children in the community as well. A group of kids are collecting money to build a skate and teen park.  It’s a project Anna thought would make a lasting impact so she felt it was worth a $1,000 donation.

Nissan’s “smart” alert system is a big hit. It basically alerts drivers to check the back seat after the car is parked if the back door was opened before the ride started. This week, Nissan announced that its 2019 models for eight cars, including the Rogue and Altima, would include the alert system Here’s what the alert system sounds like

Facebook and Instagram are rolling out new features designed to help mobile app users spend less time scrolling mindlessly through news feeds. New dashboard functions will allow users to see how much time they’ve spent in the apps, set limits on usage time, and snooze notifications for up to eight hours. They are trying to address growing concerns about the negative impacts of too much screen time.

Several people spending the day at a Pennsylvania amusement park were shaken up Wednesday afternoon when the park’s popular Pirate ship ride malfunctioned and crews were unable to stop it for about 10 minutes. No injuries were reported, but several of the riders became nauseous. The giant ship swings back and forth like a pendulum, but officials say the malfunction caused the brakes to fail.

An 18-year-old pizza delivery man is going viral after wowing some Detroit customers with his piano skills. The kid was out delivering a Hungry Howie’s pepperoni pizza to the Varchetti family when he noticed their baby grand piano and asked if he could look at it. They told him he could play it. That’s when he wowed the family by playing the third movement of Beethoven’s “Moonlight” sonata from memory. Turns out, he’s a self-taught pianist. The woman recorded the pizza delivery teen and shared the video on Facebook, which has since received thousands of views and likes.


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