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This week might have been the best I’ve felt since I started Joe’s Journey back on June 20th. My energy level is great, I can’t believe I’m saying this but my hunger has gone away, I actually have to make myself eat sometimes. Exercise has been getting easier, I have more endurance when I’m walking with Lindsey and the dogs, I biked 12 Miles the other day and would have went farther if my bud did hurt. And the big thing that has me focused now is weight lifting. I started a basic 28 day program that starts out with whole body and then as the weeks go on starts to focus on specific body part. My clothing is also starting to feel looser and I’m moving in another loop on my belt. Theses are the non scale victories I’m trying to focus on. Follow me on the FREE MyFitnessPal APP Just search for joepeshradio. Also on IG and all Social Media @joepeshradio to connect. 
Week 1 June 20th started at 404.4lbs 
Week 2 June 27th weighed in at…. 399.4lbs, -5lbs this week, 5 lbs overall
Week 3 July 4th weighed in at…. 392.4lbs, -7lbs this week, 12 lbs overall
Week 4 July 11th weighed in at…. 392.2lbs, -.2lbs this week, 12.2 lbs overall

Week 5 July 18th weighed in at…. 386.8lbs, -5.4lbs this week, 17.6lbs overall 

Week 6 July 25th weighed in at…. 390.4lbs, +3.2lbs this week 14lbs overall
Week 7 August 1st weighed in at…. 381.4lbs, -9lbs this week, 23lbs overall

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