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Some salads and wraps from several large retailers, including Trader Joes’s, have been recalled over concerns of parasites found in romaine lettuce. Federal officials issued the public health alert on Tuesday, warning that items exposed to contamination were beef, pork, poultry, salad and wrap products. They were distributed by Caito Foods. The hazardous meals were also sold by Kroger and Walgreens. The parasite in question causes stomach cramps, nausea, fatigue, body aches, and diarrhea. The period of sickness can last anywhere from two to fourteen days.

Identical twins in Grass Lake, Michigan are engaged to identical twins and they have back to back weddings this weekend. Krissie and her identical twin Kassie are marrying Zack and Nicholas. Kassie and Nick – the first couple to meet – are tying the knot on Saturday, while Krissie and Zack are getting married on Friday. All four will stand in each other’s wedding during the two-day celebration. They all met at Grand Valley State University. The first couple met and decided to go on a date. That date turned into more dates. About 90 percent of their dates ended up turning into double dates because they would bring their twins along. That’s when the other couple started getting serious. The guys didn’t plan to propose at the same time, but ultimately, they popped the questions on a family trip. Nearly 18 months later, the couples are nearly ready to tie the knot this weekend. Since they had similar guest lists, they decided to have the weddings together, but each on their own day. After the weddings, the couples are moving in together into a two-bedroom apartment.

On Saturday, three people stole a small SHARK from an aquarium in Texas by swaddling it like a baby and pushing it away in a stroller. And we’ve got some good news: The cops caught the thieves, and the shark is alive and back at the aquarium. Some parents have started hiring VIDEO GAME TUTORS to help their kids. They say it helps their kids’ social lives when they get better at the games plus with the rise of e-sports, if a kid gets good enough, maybe they can go pro and make real money.

A dad in Pittsburgh who works three jobs recently started working seven days a week, just so he could buy his daughter the $200 dress she wanted for her 8th grade formal. Now a video of him surprising her with it is all over social media and it will hit you in the feels. 

Chipotle was already dealing with bad press this week after reports of food poisoning at a location in Ohio. Now people are upset after their website crashed during their free guacamole promo yesterday. So they couldn’t enter the promo code to get it.


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