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Yep… I FAILED . It took 5 weeks but I finally slipped up and gained 3.6lbs this week. . I went to town at Cracker Barrel and ate all the chicken fried chicken with gravy they had. Then later at a get together my lightweight liver failed me and I got a little sloppy and embarrassed my wife which still has me in the dog house. While buzzed from my gin and tonic I said F it and ate two cheeseburgers with the bun and some delicious potato salad. On the ride home I had lindsey stop at Taco Bell to get a XXL Burrito and when I checked the scale Monday morning my eyes bugged out when I saw 397lbs. A cheat day” was not worth it. . On Monday I talked to my therapist about how I was freaking about the thought of stepping on the scale this week and having to go on air and say that I FAILED and gained weight because I cheated. . As we talked through all my fears and anxiety I decided that it’s crazy and unhealthy to try and drop a bunch of weight just to save face. I also want to be REAL during this journey and process and guess what… WE ALL FAIL SOMETIMES. I just had to learn and move on and start eating right and working out. . Speaking of working out I started weight lifting this week and it feels so good! I can’t wait to see my old muscle definition and I love getting all my anger and stress out. . I’ve also been walking my dogs more. I’m not expecting an award for doing what any dog owner should be doing but I do feel great and have been building up more endurance which is a plus. . There is some GOOD NEWS this week. I might be up on the scale by the tape don’t lie. I check my measurements and I’ve lost some inches, 13” to be exact. . Neck: 19.25”- 18.5” . Biceps: L 18.5” R 18.5” – L 17.5” R 17.5” . Chest: 65.5” – 59” . Waist: 63.5”- 60.25” . Hips: 59.5” – 57.75” . Thighs: L 29.75” R 31” – L 31.5” R 30.5” . Calves: L 20.5” R 19.75” L 20” R 19.25” #joesjourney

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