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I LOST MY VIRGINITY! Well my radio interview virginity. I had my very first one last Friday and it was a phone interview with, oh ya know, just NIALL FREAKING HORAN! Not to mention that he is a GIANT celebrity, I want to marry him and bear his children. I was nervous as hell and the whole thing ended up extremely cringe worthy to me. First off, if my nerves weren’t enough, there were technical difficulties at first, then his phone sounded like he was in a wind tunnel, in a cave, during a hurricane at the North Pole. The interview didn’t go great and I get it. It was my first time, it was probably his 100th interview that day and he has been asked every question probably imaginable. So his enthusiasm was that of a dead fish, again I GET WHY! He doesn’t feel like doing ANOTHER random radio interview, it makes sense. I said that he had the enthusiasm of a dead fish on air, and now I’m dealing with Niall’s fan girls trolling me on twitter…..great, as if I already didn’t feel cringey about the interview before. Ya win some you lose some, here I took an L.