A woman in Great Britain blew her nose so hard she fractured a bone in her left eye socket. The woman was at work and after she blew her nose too hard she temporarily lost vision in both eyes.  Then two-hours later, her left nostril suddenly started to bleed and she developed swelling around her left eye.  After another few hours of vision problems and stabbing pain on the left side of her head and neck, she went to the ER where a CT scan revealed a fracture in her left eye socket.

Build-A-Bear Workshop will hold a “Pay Your Age” Day event at its stores Tomorrow July 12. As part of the promotion, customers can pay their current age for any furry friend in the store. Anyone is welcome to participate in this event as long as that customer is in-store. The entire in-store collection of furry friends, including popular licensed characters, will be available to be made at the event.

A woman crashed a jeep into a utility pole on the north side after a bee flew into her vehicle Monday. The Indianapolis Fire Department says the bee landed on the ladies lap and she was trying to shoo the bee out when says she lost control and struck a pole. Thankfully, she was not injured in the incident, As for the bee, its condition is unknown.

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