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Federal authorities arrested a a man who had intended to attack downtown Cleveland in a July 4 terror plot. The feds have apparently watching the guy for awhile because they said he voiced a desire to join a terror organization between 2015 and 2017. Demetrius Pitts has been charged with attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization. Agents caught the guy after he revealed his terror plans to an undercover cop. Allegedly among them: Hit Voinovich Park, where the fireworks are launched. Pitts was talking about using an explosives-packed van to take spots like St. John’s Cathedral “off the map.”

An employee of a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship went overboard Saturday afternoon, then, nearly a full day later, got rescued by a Carnival Cruise ship. No word on how the crew member went overboard, but the Coast Guard was called in to search for him. The cruise ship halted its trip and helped the Coast Guard search but didn’t find the worker. The next day, the Carnival ship spotted the man in the water about 21 miles north of Cuba and pulled him aboard. One of the ship officers said, ”He was all right, but was obviously distressed from being in the water for so long.” The 33-year-old worker is doing fine but still went to a hospital yesterday for an evaluation. The president of Carnival Cruise Lines said, “This is nothing short of miraculous. Kudos to the Carnival Glory team.”

Best Buy no longer sells CDs at its stores. Thanks to digital streaming services, CD sales have been falling in recent years. Best Buy’s CD sales have recently only brought in about $40 million annually.


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