I’m declaring the summer of 2018 as the #ShootYourShotSummer2k18

Moon Children! It is the summer to shoot your shot and get the confidence to ask out those crushes that you’ve had and to make some moves instead of playing coy and waiting for fate to take over. Idc what gender you identify as the time has come to put things into your own hands and make moves towards the crushes you have. Because of #ShootYourShotSummer2k18 (I’m gonna make it become a thing) I have decided to spend this week telling each sign what signs they are MOST compatible with!

Aquarius: Gemini & Libra. You are constantly envisioning the big picture & that will help these signs of explore & perform at their highest carrying you along with them!

Pisces: Cancer & Scorpio. You’re going to find them the most emotionally rewarding & they will help to keep ya grounded.

Aries: Leo & Sagittarius. They’re both fire signs so they’ll be able to keep up with your enthusiasm & you won’t get bored.

Taurus: Virgo & Capricorn. They’re hardworking & sensible which is perfect for how practical you are, and they’re gonna find your love for finer things captivating.

Gemini: Libra & Aquarius. They’re air signs like yourself and will appreciate your wit & your full of fun vibe.

Cancer: Scorpio & Pisces. These are both water signs like yourself so they will understand your sensitive side & you will communicate best with these signs over any others.

Leo: Aries or Sagittarius. They will be able to keep up with your wild charisma & will be able to keep that ego in check.

Virgo: Taurus & Capricorn. You are crazy logical & love lists and these two signs will help make you feel stable & comfortable.

Libra: Gemini & Aquarius. They’re not gonna think your pretentious when you talk about intellectual things & they’ll actually find it charming.

Scorpio: Cancer & Pisces. They’ll help embrace your crazy energy. They’ll be a good balance and be able to handle your relentless passion.

Sagittarius: Aries & Leo’s. I promise if you get with them it will be a passionate & thrilling ride. They’ll be able to keep up with all the adventures you wanna go on.

Capricorn: Taurus & Virgo. Just like you they crave stability & will totally get your focused determination and need for security.

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