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I think this sends the wrong message to young girls! If this were my daughter….I take that back, with my luck, my daughter will turn out this way!


The gal auctioning her virginity at the age of 22 is about to end her controversial auction.

Natalie Dylan says, “I feel good; it’s been over a year”, as her auction is coming to a close.

The original ‘highest bidder’, an Australian businessman, reconciled with his estranged wife and pulled out of the auction.

Now, it looks as though the deal is about to be done for $1 million.

A single, American man is now the likely winner of Natalie’s virginity.

She says he wants to sleep with a virgin because it’s “something he’s never done… Paying for sex is a very new concept to him.”

Natalie and her likely suitor have spoken on the phone for the last few weeks and Natalie feels comfortable doing the deed with him.

After he makes a $250,000 deposit, the remaining $750,000 will be paid up front before he and Natalie have sex at the Bunny Ranch in Reno, Nevada.

As for selling off her purity, Natalie has no regrets, and in fact says, “I wish I did this two years ago. I’m very pleased with the way everything is going.”

(BTW: in addition to the $1 million in cash, Natalie has secured a book deal with the David Black Literary Agency and currently has famed screenwriter Matt Ember of Failure to Launch and Friends writer Alicia Sky Varinaitis penning her story for the big screen.)

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