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So my best friend is actually STUNNING, and she has been single for TWO YEARS. In those two years she has not KISSED, FLIRTED, or CRUSHED on any single guy. She is straight, but just hasn’t met or seen any guys that she was even remotely interested in. When she gets on Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge she literally swipes left until her thumb is raw and there are actually no more options available. In those two years she has only been on ONE DATE and it was with former NCAA Championship MVP Luke Hancock, and she STILL was not interested after the date. So are her standards just TOO high, is she asexual, or what is happening?

As her BFF I’m low key concerned, because I know she wants to find the right guy and she wants to one day end up in a love filled relationship, but at this point I honestly don’t even know if she is opening herself up enough to find that.

PS: If you don’t believe me that she is stunning here are photos to prove it…

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