Gary The Conspiracy Theorist was BACK today by popular demand, and he did NOT disappoint. He has me fully convinced that Tupac AND Michael Jackson are STILL alive!!!

Gary believes that Tupac is still alive and has faked his own death and here is why…

1. The “last photo” that was supposedly taken of Tupac was a photo of himself and Suge Knight in a car at a red light. The photo was taken by a random person on the sidewalk who saw the two driving. The weird part: the photo is dated as the DAY AFTER Tupac was shot and taken to the hospital AND there are NO keys in the ignition of the car. Gary believes the photo was photoshopped and was put out by the media and the Las Vegas Police Department.

2. There are three different stories that were told about what happened after Tupac was shot in Las Vegas that night. It is told by the Las Vegas Police Department that the car was left on the street and they were the ones who rushed them to the hospital. Suge Knight says he was the one that took Tupac to the hospital and they were laughing on the way there. And finally the hospital says that Tupac was airlifted to the hospital from the scene of the accident. The stories are too inconsistent.

3. The autopsy photo doesn’t make sense. The photo they released of Tupac’s autopsy doesn’t show any visible bullet wounds which is weird for someone who was shot to death. Also, the photo is missing his infamous ‘Makaveli’ tattoo located on his neck. Not to mention, his face is TURNED AWAY from the camera in the photo which makes it hard to clearly identify him.


4. The last MAJOR piece of evidence is the retired police officer who claimed, while on his deathbed, he was paid a FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS to help fake Tupac’s death. While his claim has been supposedly debunked, theorists say the idea of that isn’t too far fetched or crazy and could still be true!

IF Tupac is still alive Gary believes that he is living in Cuba and living off of royalty money that someone is funneling to him, and quite possible the money from the foundation his mother started after his supposed passing. Because, as of now, no one knows where all the money the foundation collected went…

Now on to the KING of POP, Michael Jackson:

1.Gary says that the photo the media put out of Michael Jackson on a gurney at the UCLA Hospital has been proven to be fake by a UCLA Doctor. When the photo came out the doctor said that UCLA had state-of-the-art equipment, including gurneys, and the gurney in the photograph looks so old he thinks it is from a movie set.

2. Gary also says that Michael Jackson attended his OWN funeral. There is a photograph of Janet Jackson looking at a blonde woman in sunglasses, seeming very caught off guard. That blonde woman is believed to be Michael Jackson in disguise. The profile of the woman looks almost IDENTICAL to Michael Jackson.


3. Michael Jackson had so much insurance money taken out on his “This Is It” world tour that he was worth more dead than alive, so there is reason he would want to fake his own death.

4. When Michael Jackson was going through the trials for the alleged child molestation cases, his brother said that if he was charged they were going to fly him straight to Bahrain, an island off of Dubai. Right after his death, Janet Jackson went to Bahrain for a long period of time and that is where she found now husband….coincidence? Gary doesn’t think so!

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