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A 25 year old man tricked the Dallas school system and posed as a high school student, all apparently so he could play some basketball. The man was arrested after he pretended to be a 17 year old and enrolled at two high schools. He ended up joining one of the school’s basketball team and was voted District 11-5A’s offensive player of the year. His true identity was discovered when his ex-basketball coach at another area high school spotted him playing a high school tournament and recognized him from many years earlier. The mother of a 14 year old girl who says the phony high schooler dated her daughter is angry. The daughter says the relationship wasn’t sexual. The fake high schooler is now out on bond and facing charges of tampering with government records.

It sounds like middle aged, middle class woman have discovered Ecstasy. A 50 year old woman in London claims she invented “Brieing” when she and her friends tried E last year to open up to each other and improve their friendships. The trend spread so much now she’s getting random invites to brieing parties.

A New York lawyer who went on a rant targeting Spanish speaking restaurant workers is reportedly being kicked out of his office space. Corporate Suites, the company that operates the business center in which attorney Aaron Schlossberg leases office space, has terminated its agreement with him. The company’s president stated, “His actions are just not consistent with our community and rules and regulations. It’s totally contrary to everything we believe in as a company and personally.” Schlossberg came under fire after a video of him lashing out at Spanish speaking employees in a midtown Manhattan restaurant went viral.  In the video, Schlossberg suggests that the employees are likely illegal immigrants, and threatens to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement to report them.


-A massive swarm of lake flies was large enough to show up on a Wisconsin TV’s weather radar. The station shared a photo of the radar on Twitter with the caption, “Lake fly hatch captured on weather radar.” The weatherman said the flies only live for a few days and they don’t bite.

One in Four Americans spend almost all day indoors. Researchers are now warning that an “indoor generation” is being born that spends as much as 90 percent of its time inside. They also found that it’s not just elderly or disabled who stay indoors but men, women and children who travel to and from school or work only going outside during their commute. And they warn that spending too much time inside can have a negative effect on both your physical and mental health, impacting your sleep patterns, your alertness levels and even your mood.

A young girl in Missouri trained her pet cockatoo, Nell to pull out her loose tooth. The girl recorded video of Nell poking its head in her mouth and pulling the tooth out after a few seconds.

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