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It is RUMORED that Selena Gomez and Justin Theroux are MORE than just friends…and Jennifer Aniston is PISSED. Selena just recently broke up with longtime on and off boyfriend Justin Bieber (</3) and Justin Theroux just recently separated from wife, Jennifer Aniston. The two have known each other for years through their manager, and have bonded over their recent break ups, even though they are TWENTY years apart.

Now my opinion, which my opinion doesn’t actually matter but I’m going to tell you anyways, WHATEVER. Whatever about the whole thing.

  1. Why does Jennifer Aniston care? It seems to me she was behind the split between her and Justin Theroux, so then you can’t turn around and be all mad when he has sparks with another girl.
  2. Selena is a dating machine. You can’t get the girl to be single for more than 30 seconds. She was with Bieber forever, then Niall Horan for a hot second, then back with Bieber, then with The Weekend, then back with Bieber AGAIN, and now apparently Justin Theroux. We’ll see how long this actually lasts.
  3. It’s a little strange they are 21 YEARS APART. Normally I would just say age is just a number, but I’d be damned if you would see me finding something in common with a 46 year old man.

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