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A family at a safari park in the Netherlands got out of their car to take photos and got chased by live cheetahs. Thankfully everyone was able to get back into the car before anything terrible happened.

Did you know that Jason Derulo appears in every calendar?

A Russian nail salon created “Teeth Fingernails” that look like REAL TEETH! 


Did you know a cold compress using MILK instead of water can help with a sunburn? The vitamin A and vitamin D help your skin heal. And the lactic acid helps you exfoliate.

A tsunami warning was accidentally broadcast in Alaska on Friday. The incident happened just after 7 a.m. in the morning when a message from the Emergency Alert System was aired on radio and TV channels in the state advising that a tsunami warning was in effect. The alert caused confusion among local residents with local radio and TV stations receiving calls from residents who asked about the warning. It was the third mistake this year involving the warning system in the US. 

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