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A paramedic’s craving for a Slurpee helped save a man’s life in New York. The paramedic wanted a cherry Slurpee so she was heading to a 7-Eleven when she saw a car crashed into a poll. She found the male driver unconscious and slumped over toward the passenger side. She started CPR and after two minutes the 62 year-old man was revived. Turns out the man suffered a heart attack and later had open heart surgery.  He’s now doing much better. 

A Zoo in Canada was fined for taking a one year old bear through the drive-thru of a Dairy Queen, so it could have an ice cream cone. Wildlife authorities discovered the incident when a video of the bear devouring the ice cream cone was posted on Facebook. The zoo is being fined because employees didn’t notify the provincial government the bear was leaving the zoo. 

A pregnant woman in Florida craved Chick-fil-A so much during her pregnancy that she decided to have her maternity photo shoot there. The woman’s sister is a photographer and staged a photo shoot complete with Chick-fil-A’s chicken sandwich, nuggets and variety of its signature sauces.

Boston Red Sox pitcher DAVID PRICE has been diagnosed with carpal tunnel, and there’s talk that it could’ve happened because he’s always playing Fortnite. David doubts the game had anything to do with it, but he said he’ll stop playing if it’s going to be a “distraction.”

A new study found the sexiest jobs based on data from a dating app. The 10 sexiest jobs men can have are: Bartender, photographer, writer, music producer, lawyer, surgeon, stockbroker, hairstylist, chef and teacher. The 10 sexiest jobs for women are: Therapist, chef, doctor, entrepreneur nurse, fashion buyer, dentist, lawyer, teacher and personal assistant.

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