Sanaa Lathan is responding to the rumors after Tiffany Hadish said that an “actress bit Beyoncé’s face at a party”. Reports began to surface, claiming Lathan was the actress behind the bite. In December she responded with a tweet saying, “Y’all are funny. Under no circumstances did I bite Beyoncé and if I did it would’ve been a love bite.” In a recent interview Lathan said, “I think it’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever been involved with. Thank God I’ve been in this business for 20 years and have had so many rumors about me. They used to devastate me in my 20s, but in order to survive in this business, you just have to let it roll.” Lathan also denied the allegations once again saying, “I adore Beyoncé. I would never do anything malicious like that to her, or to anyone. It’s so bizarre.”

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